Engine Manufacturers Division (EMD)

EMD members range from the industry-recognized outboard engine manufacturers, to inboard diesel producers to new organizations building propane trolling motors. EMD members are vested in the success of the association’s effort to protect and grow recreational boating through public policy advocacy and industry-focused growth initiatives.


Some of the benefits you will enjoy as an NMMA member are:


To join NMMA’s Engine Manufacturer Division (EMD) your business must manufacture marine propulsion engines. EMD applicants outside North America must have a business presence in North America operating as a legally authorized sales office, importer, division, etc. Without a business presence in North America, an application for NMMA membership will not be considered.


Engine Manufacturer Division (EMD) dues are based on the total North American marine sales for your company’s most recently completed fiscal year. CLICK HERE to view the EMD Dues Schedule or reference Section III (page 2) on the membership application.

EMD Membership is also contingent on paying the Grow Boating membership fee. This fee is based on the horsepower of loose engines sold by your company and is billed separately.

NMMA members support the Grow Boating Initiative through vision, leadership and financial contributions. The Grow Boating Engine Assessment is the primary funding tool. All NMMA Boat Manufacturer members are required to pay this assessment on the engines that are used in their boats.

These contributions help fund the Discover Boating campaign, which promotes the benefits of boating to the public and creates interest in the boating lifestyle. In 2015, more than 5 million consumers visited the Discover Boating website, resulting in 2.8 million referrals delivered directly to member boat builder websites.


To join as an EMD member, please follow these 3 steps. For questions regarding the requirements of EMD Membership or to set up a conference all to review the program, please contact Bryan Welsh Director, Member Services.